KPS plumbing is your source for central water filtration. We take pride in providing environmentally options to provide your family or business with clean water options. All of our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, and our experienced plumbing professionals are certified and licensed. We have the knowledge, skill and expertise to inspect, install, maintain, fix, replace and test all types of water filtration systems.Terms and conditions available upon request.

Carbon Media Filtration

What is granular activated carbon (GAC)?
Granular activated carbon is made from raw organic materials (such as coconut shells or coal) that are high in carbon. Heat, in the absence of oxygen, is used to increase (activate) the surface area of the carbon; this is why these filters are sometimes referred to as “charcoal” filters. The activated carbon removes certain chemicals that are dissolved in water passing through a filter containing GAC by trapping (adsorbing) the chemical in the GAC.

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Salt Softeners

Salt-Based Water Softeners will  give you more of the “slick” feeling of the water in the shower and you will notice the soap creating more bubbles. The reason and what many water experts will tell you is “this is the feeling of being clean.” This is due to the minerals being taken from the water and no longer being present to dry your skin. Other benefits you’ll see include keeping brighter colors in your clothes with the abrasive minerals no longer present. Is your skin feeling dry? Are you getting scale build-up on shower doors/glassware? Are your clothes dingy? Do you want to use less soap?  A salt water softener would be your better choice. – See more at: Salt Water Softeners

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Salt - Free Water Softeners

Salt-Free Water Conditioners create hardness crystals but leave minerals present in the water. The crystals won’t adhere to surfaces so you will see a reduction in scale build up. You may see less soap usage and possibly brighter laundry. The main benefit you receive from a salt free system is the maintenance free aspect. No electricity, no waste water, and no salt/chemicals.  Are you getting build-up on shower doors/glassware?  Do your clothes not seem dingy? Do you NOT like the slick feeling of soft water?  Do you not want to deal with any salt/chemicals? You might consider salt free technology, as long as you are not expecting the same results as salt based technology. Salt based systems will outperform salt free for overall water softening. – See more at: Salt-Free Water Conditioning

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